An innovative project for event professionals

Providing new teaching approaches to the key challenges in Event Safety Management

During a 3-years process of collaborative work, the SAFE project worked torwards developping the highest European standard in education courses in the areas of Event Safety, Security and Crowd Management. The programmes have been created by Laura Brands and Gerard van Duykeren (TSC), Chris Kemp (Mind over Matter) and Pascal Viot (iSSUE), with the help of a range of partners across Europe from many associations, companies, festivals, venues and events. The mission, of what is termed the SAFE project, is to enable festivals, venues and events across Europe to access education courses through which they can teach internal trainers to deliver the programmes to their own staff.

Providing a think-tank for the events sector

In addition to its educational mission, the SAFE project also aims to act as a think-tank for the European event sector. With the help of Yvan Boudillet (The Lynk), the SAFE consortium offers networking activities, collective thinking events and opportunities to organise meetings to share thoughts and experiences. Through the SAFE project, new connections are operating between the Event Safety field and new technological development to allow fruitful collaborations in the future. Operating in a very challenging context for the event sector, where threats are diversifying and becoming more complex (Terrorism, COVID), the SAFE project acts as a hub connecting potential responses in an innovative and collaborative manner.