Become an Approved Provider

he SAFE project aims to enhance Event safety knowledges through education courses across Europe In order to guarantee the quality of education providers, a gatekeeper mechanism has been created through which only providers who are able to deliver at a level commensurate with the outcomes of the Erasmus + project will be able to access, download and deliver the course. An approved provider will have to be accredited by the creators of the SAFE project.

How to become an approved provider

I have taken part in the programme and completed it successfully. I have also been working in the event, festival or venue industry for over five years or have been teaching in event education or a similar area for the same amount of time. I will also have to provide proof of this.

I will deliver part of the programme online in front of a panel of peers to be assessed as competent. At this point I will also provide two references from those in the industry.

I have a cohort of participants from a venue, festival or event that I have been asked to provide education for.

I have a letter of approval to send to the course team from the sponsor of the course to show that I am a sound candidate to deliver the programme

I have proof that I have both the financial and human resources to deliver the programme in a quality manner

I will then become an apporroved provider

Please note, I can only teach on programmes that I have completed the full five modules in.

I Am an Approved Provider

An approved provider can only provide programmes for a venue, festival or event that they have been given permission to by an authority in the company.

If the approved provider wishes to provide courses for more than one client, they must apply for each new client through the C3 process.

Once a cohort of participants completes the course a certificate template will be sent to the provider to issue.

Approved providers will be asked to firstly provide evidence of a specific cohorts work for approval by the authors and secondly to attend any online update sessions by the facilitators.

Anyone found to be providing programmes without the express permission of the authors will be deemed to be infringing copyright and will be dealt with through due process and will no longer be allowed to provide these programmes.

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