Education for Operational and Strategic Event Safety Management

The project is divided into two complementary parts. The first is an operational programme comprising five modules. Each module is run in sequence and lasts one day.Thus, the European Operational Event Safety & Security Certificate part can be taught either in a single week slot or can be spread over a longer time period, for example one day a week or in clusters of modules over a longer period. As the modules in this programme are sequential this helps to build skills and knowledge over time from the very basic areas to the more competency-based elements.

The strategic programme is slightly different, and the modules do not need to be taken sequentially but can be taken in a random sequence if wished by the participant.These modules usually last one day. However, because of the nature of the“learning in the round ”process, the creators strongly recommend that the knowledge gained on each module is then tested in the workplace and feedback given by the facilitator to the participants on how well this has been applied.Thus, these modules may last anything from one to three days. At the end of this part of the programme an European Strategic Event Safety Management Certificate can be awarded by the facilitator.

Operational Programme

Strategic Programme