Become a student

How to become a Student

I will sign up to either the operational or the strategic programme through the website.

I will then take a series of either the operational or strategic modules or both.

Both certificates can be taken by all participants if wished.

Once I have submitted the assessment and passed the course I will receive my certificate

I can take any of the modules but will have to complete the series of five modules from one or other of the programmes to receive the programme certificate

The operational modules can only be taken in a specific order. The strategic modules can be taken in any order

I Am A Student

Once signed up to the course I will receive information about each of the modules that I wish to participate in.

On completion of a module the students score will be registered on a mark sheet and they will be informed of the outcome. Anyone failing a module can reapply to the course to take it again at any time.

Failure to complete any module to the required standard will mean that the participant cannot gain the certificate.

Each module will have some form of pre reading which will support those taking the module.

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